Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

A Review of The Mac Desktop App Store

First, use the Mac App Store, you will need to upgrade to OS X 10.6.6 via Software Update. Once installed, you will have access to the App Store App Store via the blue icon in the Dock or by tape izbornika.Nova icon looks a lot like the new iTunes icon. Start the application and will await the review that will remind you of the iTunes Store. At the top you have a simple bar with a back and forth controls on the left, the icons on the five main categories in the middle of the store and the search bar on the right side.

Apple's new Mac App Store will also drive the average market price for a Mac application down because the price will largely factor in the total downloads, and, by association, whether or not the application to the top of the ladder and get featured more prominently. We have already seen that the race to the bottom occur with iOS applications, where the average price of apps is around $ 4 (less if the game ).

the act of removing the application could not get easier. You just click on the Download button, and the App Store will ask for the Apple ID, which is the same one you use in iTunes. If you do not have one within the application itself. This ID is required even if you want to download free applications. After everything is done and click download, you will see the application icon just jump out the window the App Store and go to their base. There you will see the download bar on it and after the download is complete it will bounce once you know. One thing we noticed is that applications downloaded from the Store will go straight to the dock, whether or not you want them there and you'll have to manually remove them later.

All in all, the Mac App Store will be the process of finding and downloading applications that you want or need a lot easier for end users. Now it remains to be seen how well the developers respond to the store and whether they would choose to put your application there, knowing that they will have to pay 30% of Apple app, which can be avoided if we just continue the way they are now through their own website. And unlike the iPhone, Mac is not limited to just download the application via the App Store. But if Apple's track record is anything to go by, we think that the Mac Store will be a success.

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