Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

iOrgsoft mpg converter for Mac fast converts muxed mpeg-4/mpeg-2/mpg video Mac

be nice to handle all digital video formats including muxed or demuxed MPG, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 video and audio files standardized by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) on Mac OSX (including Snow Leopard 10.6). Mpg converter for Mac can convert muxed (multiplexed) MPG/MPEG-4, MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 video clips in iMovie projects and convert mpeg mpg and audio files to Final Cut Pro / Express, iDVD, Keynote supported format with a hassle free .

Specifically, MPEG / MPG file converter for Mac contains powerful codec pack as the MPEG decoder lets you convert videos in various mpg, mpeg-4, 2.1, and convert / demux mpg / mpeg file to another video format like mov, avi, wmv, DV, M4V, H.264, 3GP, FLV, mP3, AAC and more.

helps you to convert, demux and import MPEG-2, 4.1, and MPG files into one in accordance with the Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, iTunes or the Mac, and give you the basic video editing work through a strong feature crop unwanted parts, join sever clips into one, trim full length video to a short extract frames from video as an image or audio, and more.

do not want to watch iTunes video and movie on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV? MPEG Converter for Mac make it possible to compress mpg, flv, DV, MOV or 3gp avi to Apple iTunes MPEG-4, and iPad MPEG-4 format suitable for different screen resolution. You can view MPEG-4 movie in 16:9 widescreen on Apple TV to connect to HD TV, advanced settings for resolution, frame rate, bitrate and sample rate everything is permitted.

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