Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Looking to Tweak Your Macintosh Software?

Tweaks generally refer to making changes to software performance, or hardvera.Svrha tweaking software is all about working better, or perform according to his needs or desires. Software tweaks can be done at the level of programmable by the author to improve program performance, or can be done by the end user to change the default options for improving funkcionalnosti.Tehnologija tweaking Mac provides easy access to those features of OS X is a hidden beneath the surface.

Macintosh software tweaks technology simply run a terminal (shell) commands in the background. Very few of these programs to do something "magic" of their own, instead, they provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for Mac OS X features and settings that ensure that your applications run faster and smoother. Tweaks can automatically delete the virtual memory swap files and preference files, and mung low level network settings. So, be careful of the options that you choose to click. Here are just some of the Macintosh software run more efficiently after a tune

1 Safari: Tweak to Macintosh software to limit AutoFill list, clear saved usernames and passwords that do not need anymore. Forget their history, to clear favicons Reset Safari and delete caches, history, AutoFill entries, and cookies, but not its favicon or Java sprema.Manje Safari memory consumption, faster runs.

2 Microsoft Office: Turn off iDisk Sync - The Office takes longer to display and update files stored on other servers. Repairing permissions can correct some problems the Office of the performance, repair damaged fonts in the Office of the cache and rebuild the Entourage database. Tweaks to help this run Macintosh software faster.

3 iTunes: Tweaks help configure iTunes to preview and open files quickly. Disabling the Live Update option for playlists and smart playlists using iTunes to help run faster. Disabling plug-ins may temporarily make this Macintosh software to react faster.

You can set almost any Mac software that is used to better their performance and run more efficiently. However, keep in mind when selecting the Macintosh software that pamper, to select an option, only to find what they do, the verdict is a dangerous mistake on your part, which could make your Mac functions very differently. You can find a third party technology to adjust the Macintosh features. For those of you who are new to tweaking, you can find many forums and websites that offer tips and ways to use the correct tune.

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