Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

MacBook Air V MacBook Pro

What? The agony of choice! One thing is for sure is that both look great with a beautiful aluminum dizajn.Operativni system is the same for both computers, which of course is great and one of the reasons so many people buy a Mac. They are designed operating system based on UNIX, the operating system born in the sixties.

So, the question is which one do you go for? Light and transferability MacBook Air or MacBook Pro better performance. It was a tough choice, the air does not come with solid state drive as standard now, which gives a visible performance when you run the program.

Pro on the other hand, when it comes to ordinary hard drives as standard, upgradeable to use solid state, but has other features not found in the MacBook Air - several USB ports, FireWire, DVD drive, better screen resolution, graphics processing, and most importantly a better processor.

Personally I am more serious users, and thus fulfills suits my needs and requirements better. To begin with FireWire port, and processing power. If you are the type of users who only surfs the Web, checking e-mails, and especially traveling a lot then Air is probably the choice for you. Perhaps it is a good idea to take a trip to the Apple Store and check both. There are, of course, many excellent articles online and tips to be found. One thing certainly does not mean that you will not regret any choices.

Now, just recently there was a new entry or update of the MacBook Pro models by Apple. They are updated with a series of five new models. Two thirteen-inch, two fifteen and one seventeen. Although in fact it is actually six, since you can upgrade the processor the highest level of fifteen-inch model.Trinaest inch models have a rather spectacular changes in their processing power is moving from the Intel Core Duos for two i5 and i7 respectively. So now we have the power and reasonably small portable laptop. Strangely the current MacBook Air has a better screen resolution available than thirteen inches Pro models.

So, I think this will make the choice a little harder. Anyone who is looking for a little punch in your computer will be very tempted by i5 and i7's.


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