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Fix a Slow Bootup Using MacBook Pro - Why Is My Mac Taking So Long to Start Up?

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A common problem with the MacBook Pro is that after a while, they begin to take a long time to boot up. Users can try to hack into your system settings, or spent hundreds of dollars that Apple certified technician to solve the problem, but there are some low-cost options that should be considered first. One of the most common reasons that MacBook takes a long time to start is to have duplicate files bloating up the system. You will be surprised when you hear what usually slows Apple computers.

Before we get into a duplicate file removing motions, lets first go over some possible reasons that your laptop is starting slowly.

# 1 - Are you doing more programs at once? This is obvious, but if you have several programs set to start when your laptop boots up, it will take longer to load.

# 2 - Did you restart your computer from time to time? Do not just put the laptop to sleep by closing the lid each time you stop using it. This makes it take longer to load up again, if you had multiple windows open.

# 3 - Did you disable the action and gadgets that do not use? If you can not live without shadows, animation and graphic intensive background, then you should disable these settings in the system. Again, the less need to load the Mac up, the better.

Most people with slow MacBooks need more help than that. This is because one of the best ways to start a Mac faster is to remove duplicate files. Did you know that the MacBook Pro can slow the duplicate font files? This is true. When you open a folder of fonts, font, if there black dot next to his name, it means that it is a duplicate. Getting rid of these duplicates will significantly increase your startup time. Now consider there are extra copies of your e-mail messages, music downloads, and your photos. Not to mention duplicates caused by upgrading from old to new Macs Macs, and you can imagine all the unnecessary files that are clogging up the system, such as jammed highways.

It's not too difficult or expensive to get your Mac acting like new again. I highly recommend you consider the duplicate file remover to clean files that you do not need. You will have the ability to back up whatever you want, so you do not have to worry about getting rid of important documents sluńćajno.Softver and use is very simple and user-friendly and uses advanced byte-to-byte comparison.

See and learn more about how I fix a slow MacBook Pro s.

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