Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

The Macintosh and eBay Cash

For months I Ebay just to get rid of things around the house and when I find something interesting in the city for the song, I bought it, and then the profits on eBay.

It was not until I started making products for sale on eBay that I began to make some good part time money.

In the past, I had developed joint ventures with other retailers on the Internet, and created a website to sell products. You can spend time creating a sales page and product, place an ad and wait for the


with eBay, you do not have to mess with all these things.

The reason eBay is such a good training ground to millions of people looking on eBay all the time.

At any given time, hundreds of thousands of people are searching large digital storage called eBay.

Now, you have to use some common sense when you start.

If you are looking for, say, a money-making opportunities or business opportunities, you will find thousands of ads with no bids! You'll also find hundreds of ads from the same copy and same photos advertising the exact same thing.

Can you make a profit like that?

is unlikely.

Now, if you need to say, Saladmaster, you will find the number of ads, but almost all of them have offers and make a profit. The difference is that people want the quality of Saladmaster cookware.

In the case of Saladmaster utensils, must be set to sell to make money.

If you create a product on a Macintosh computer, all you need is an idea.

What if I want to bake cakes? What if you created a DVD or if you just combo drive, audio CD, along with pictures of your cake design?

would probably be a better shot at making a few bucks as a product of what you know rather than trying to sell something that everyone has. In my case, I come from the entertainment industry. I started performing as a magician, and then the comedy mind-reading act, then the family fun.

I created a manual for magicians on how to market their works. After that, I created a series of CD sets, which explains my family act, my act after dinner, my school work shows and other events.

acts have sold on eBay for the $ 25.00 to $ 170.00, and all places in between. But for two hours a week. I get $ 400 - $ 600 consistently

and I'm making more products all the time.


This eBay sales' test is just one of many ways to cash with your Macintosh-created products. This method of selling information product is an easy way to get started if you're starting from Ground Zero.

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