Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

iPhone SDK - Top Tips For Developing Your First iPhone Application For the Apple AppStore

Apple AppStore has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm. So far, the phone manufacturers jealously guarding their application development, believing that their competitive advantage. Ironically, Apple, known for closely guarding its proprietary code, which was opened by the application development to everyone.

Before you start developing your own new Apple iPhone application, follow these easy top tips:

  1. Select the Apple Mac. Be careful. Many people buy a used Mac on eBay, and then find the SDK does not radi.IPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) will only run on Intel Apple Mac. There are no exceptions.
  2. cheapest buy is the Apple Mac Mini Mac. His small but beautifully formed, and the machine more than capable of running Apple SDK.
  3. Create your first application, following the example of radio. Do it slowly and try to understand the code and all the elements.
  4. One of the most complex pieces of the developer not the MVC framework. It keeps your code neat and separated view of the model (actual number) and a controller. It is worth taking the time to really understand this framework.
  5. design your application before building it. Decide where all the buttons and navigation elements will be and what each screen looks like. Is the document and sign for sure.
  6. Creation of online file sharing site, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Live, so you can share your ideas and designs with others to get feedback before starting. But do not tell too many people or May you find your idea gets copied in before you even start.
  7. When designing the user interface screens to the iPhone, follow Apple UI guidelines carefully. If you do not your application will be rejected by Apple.
  8. test that app carefully, taking into account the different devices such as iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, etc., and various wireless setups. In particular, provide about dealing properly with the dropped signal and represents a sensible warning message to the user.
  9. After the iPhone application development next stage is to test the application on the phone. This step, called reserves, is by far the hardest and most frustrating part. Follow the instructions on the Apple websitepismo first time, and you'll save a lot of effort.
  10. Do not forget to market your request. Friends and family are the best marketing tool, and are free. Spread the word using their Facebook page, Twitter and word of mouth.
Good luck. Follow the simple tips above and get started. The market is out there just waiting for your app to hit the AppStore.

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