Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

How to Convert PDF on Mac

Although prevalent PDF format brings many advantages for file storage, transmission and display, sometimes I still feel it should be converted to other formats. For example, to convert PDF to Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is the most common is the need for office gives us greater flexibility and diversity to edit text, create charts and pictures, to calculate the data and prepare a presentation materials.Other eager netizens may be eager to find way to share interesting PDF file online. As Apple fans, we may be more accustomed to the ePub format when reading the book, but unfortunately, the eBook is available online mainly in PDF format. To solve all the problems above, we need a powerful tool for converting PDF effectively. For Mac users, this is not a problem either. AnyBizSoft provides a comprehensive and professional PDF solution for any PDF problem on Mac.
AnyBizSoft PDF Converter for Mac is powerful, yet easy to use PDF conversion tool for Mac users. Download and install it on your Mac, then run the program. PDF Converter for Mac support try-before-buy. Simply select the Evaluate free trial version. Here are simple steps to convert the PDF on a Mac.
Step1. Import PDF files
To import a PDF file to convert, you just drag and drop PDF files on the panel. And also, you can choose File> Add a PDF File in the menu toolbar at the top of the screen to add the PDF datoteke.Zadani convert MS Office Word format (. Doc). You can convert a series of 50 PDF files at one time, and you can convert encrypted PDF as well.

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