Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

PC Versus Apple Mac - Which Is Best For Your New Home Office?

This is one of the oldest arguments in the history of technology, which is better PC or Mac? Apple Mac users tend to look down your nose a little to PC users as they think Max is more superior machine, with other computer users laugh Mac users think they have far more value for your money with a personal computer.

So what's the difference between Mac and PC? There are many? Well there are, but not as much as before. For example, he could not get a Mac under $ 1500, you can now pick up a Mac Mini for under eight hundred dolara.Velika change that Mac has gone from the use of different processors of the computer to use the same Intel Ĩipovi.Velika difference to the people split hairs over even though the operating system they run on. Computers using Windows and Apple Mac operating system is used called OS X. The problem here is the compatibility, the two can not start the second round way. Fortunately now though there are many programs that can be used for both platforms.

You can now buy Virtual PC software, which can in effect get Windows to work on Mac b essentially creating a 'fake' computer within a computer, the question is does it very slowly and it also means you have to buy a copy of Windows. So you have to ask yourself is it even worth it?

a lot of hardware, but even now is still only compatible with PCs, such as printers, plug-in card and fax machines. You have to wonder what they are most likely to use in your new home office. If your actual business mainly deals with graphic design, for example, then you May be happier with a Mac as they are known in the computer world to be more geared towards graphic design and video. However, if your business is more likely to engage in word processing, internet use and phone calls, so the computer can be adjusted.

It all boils down to personal preference at the end of the day, it's like when people will always drive a Ford, but my father will always drive a Toyota, people have their favorites and they tend to always stick with them. There is always a good reason for it, people like what they like. So, first of all go to the one you feel most comfortable with and that will be able to use comfortably for many years to come.

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