Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

Limiting Open Source

After an unlimited forum for harnessing the creativity and inventiveness of software developers in the world, open source technology has begun to become entangled in the concerns about licensing, intellectual property laws, and you might wonder, okus.Inovativne nature of open source is a valuable resource for large the company. However, these same companies, including Apple Computer and Google, have begun to place caps on what can and can not be developed on the platform directly through the refusal or license ugovora.Granice open source began to gain definition. However, without these restrictions, it is argued that open source development would not grow without the support of the possible international platforms

Apple has received a tremendous amount of press for its decision to limit the content displayed through the open source "applications" developed for the iPhone and other display devices. Of course, Apple has a long history of demanding tight control over both its hardware and software, open source developers still have to submit Apple thorough regulations and licensing agreements. Now that Apple has become such an important distributor of content, either reject or change has international repercussions. Both applications developed to show graphically illustrated version of James Joyce's "Ulysses," and because of political and Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore have since been revised or completely reject by Apple. In the case of "Ulysses", the authors agreed to delete a graphic adaptation offensive boards, which usually feature nudity or other sexual material to be subjected to the book obscenity trial in 1933.Sudac ruled that the book is not obscene, the Apple decision to limit the present one based more on matters of taste as opposed to the principle. After Mark Fiore won a Pulitzer for his work, Apple encouraged him to regain his previously rejected app. His app was approved, and his cartoons are now available through iPhone without any changes.

Google Android development project calls and individual and corporate developers to contribute their platform when they first complete intellectual property licensing agreement. These agreements specifically delineate the use of open source code or applications generated by the developer in relation to the higher platform, and allows developers to use technology for other purposes and outside of Android. The mission of Android, as stated on its website, is to prevent any company or source control what content is displayed to users on mobile devices. Although Android is the surface more open policy towards open source development of the apple not test that Android will remain open;? Will eventually become another Apple, or will it protect your open mind

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