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Fixing Word and Word Document Problems on the Macintosh

As the processing is one of the most common performed by the user it is also one of the most common sources of problems. This article outlines my method for diagnosing and fixing problems in Microsoft Word running on the Macintosh. It also shows my basic methods for testing most aspects of application support.

is one step in diagnosing this problem is to discover if the problem is application specific, machine-specific or a specific document. Let's look at an example.

user tells us, "Word will not print to my printer." Our first step is to check that the problem is just a word. Open another program, the text amendment is perfect, and create a small file - just the word "Testing" is perfect - and see if it will be printed. If this fails then we know we have a general printing problem and can not answer that. If it works then re-open Word and create the same small document. If it prints a document, then we know we have a problem, if it does not have a problem printing from Word. The same steps can be taken with other Word and document problems, do not forget to edit the text, you can open and save Word documents to diagnose other problems.

Document Issues

If there is a document we have to fix the problem document. Our first step should be physically copied the document, it is unlikely to work as a repair step, but it will at least give us a copy of the work, from the original. Second, create a new document in Word and copy and paste the entire text of the original into a new document. If this does not work then try to open the document in the text Edit and save a copy in Word format with a new name such as "document name - fixed" can, however, lose some formatting with this as a text editing is not supported by all of the words forming.

If none of these works (or have lost too much formatting), and then May you be forced to create several Word document contains parts of the file to discover exactly what is causing the problem, keep in mind that this is usually the beginning or at the end of the document or part (for documents containing sections) within a document that is causing the problem.

Word Problems

in Word Problems can usually be divided into three types, the applications, settings and user podatke.Najbolje course of action is to address all three at once.

process of uninstalling Microsoft is known for its inability to remove all the settings on the Mac system so that the hand by dragging them to trash. They can be found in :-

Library: Application Support: Microsoft Library: Preferences: com.microsoft .* USER_NAME ': Library: Application Support: Microsoft USER_NAME': Library: Preferences: com.microsoft .*

(USER_NAME is the username and '* is a wildcard meaning multiple files all begin the same, but ended differently .)

Now drag the "Microsoft Office 2004" folder, then empty the trash bin.

Finally, the users "Documents" folder is called "Microsoft User Data". If the user is using Entourage, then this includes your e-mail, otherwise only contains some specific instructions for setting up information. How to be safe, just delete right click on it (or Control click on a button) and select "Create archive of Microsoft User Data" which will then delete the zip folder.

Now reinstall Office (using the Installer, but the drag and drop method) and the problem should be gone.

If this does not work then you have a deeper problem. At this point, most likely a problem with the account itself. Create a new user and test to see if you still have problems. If passed then you should set up a new user is identical to the old user and transfer all your documents. If this fails then you have a serious problem with the operating system and should seriously consider re-install.

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