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Apple CEO Steve Jobs Demonstrates the Millionaire Mindset

entrepreneurial bug bites everyone at some point in their lives. And who of us would not be lying if we said that the idea of unlimited earnings potential was not part of the draw? In the United States, we are assaulted daily sound credible testimony of people who claim that getting rich is as easy as, well, quitting their day job. There are infomercials on late-night TV to hawk real estate investment courses, spammers who offer large sums of money to anyone who can get 20 people to try new vitamins, friends who swear that the stack of hosting in house marketing groups, or overlapping time shares.

As tempting as the idea of ​​instant wealth may be, get-rich-quick schemes rarely work. As an entrepreneur hopes, and then parlay their ambitions in the profits? As high-profile, successful business people we read about every day to reach the top?

Let's use a particularly prolific entrepreneur as an example. Steve Jobs is a co-founder of Apple Computers and CEO of Apple and Pixar Animation Studios. Disney recently bought Pixar, which Jobs would net worth a whopping $ 7.8 billion. He and his company are credited with introducing the world of affordable personal computers, graphical user interface, iPods, and ultra-realistic computer animation seen in films like "The Incredibles ."

Jobs' amazing career had its ups and downs (especially, faced public humiliation when Apple fired him in 1985), but any would-be entrepreneur can learn a lot from him. In fact, we can pick apart his strategy to learn what has worked for the man with a million dollars touch.

1 Business: There is no substitute for hard work. Building any business from scratch, whether restaurant or a Silicon Valley powerhouse, requires an extraordinary amount of work and discipline. The victim was another common theme, especially in the early years of the new venture. Jobs, self-proclaimed workaholic, recalls the 100-hour workweeks at Apple. Success will not come overnight. It is important to have both patience and acceptance that the breakeven can take years to achieve the

2 Wish: A strong desire and vision are the major surface tvrtke.Male business owner who opened a florist shop in the city with eight other florist shop and wants to be anything better than your competitors can survive, but is unlikely to be successful. On its own, me-too strategy or desire for wealth, can not support emergency operations. There must be a viable concept-an idea for a new product or service, or better ways of doing things. Steve Jobs and his partner, 22-year-old computer geeks when they started Apple really has something to offer: From the main monster, they know that desktop computers are technologically feasible. Equally important, they were determined to see his vision realized.

3 Focus: Focus on the real drivers of business and profits will follow. It may be tempting to invest a disproportionate amount of energy marketing and development planning. Savvy entrepreneurs know that their focus is to rest squarely on providing superior product or service. Steve Jobs' guiding mission is to make the best-in-class computers, electronics, and animated films. He once compared to previous Apple line of products from dozens of SKUs for only four cases out of concern that the company product quality and reputation were suffering. Now the focus.

4 Toughness: Toughness and strength are neophodni.Tipičan path to self-made success is filled with frustration and failure. Many businesses throw in the towel before their companies had a chance to grow. Those that do are able to steel themselves against the inevitable disappointments, pushing through a tough time with unwavering tenacity. When Apple's board of directors turned off by Steve Jobs, he considered leaving the tech industry for good. Ultimately, however, it was gathered by early next Inc, the company was later bought by none other than Apple Computer.

5 Risk: Reward in business rarely comes without risk. What rings particularly hollow in those get-rich-quick infomercials are breezy assurances, promises to buy this or doing that will translate into personal wealth. In reality, starting a business venture involves very little rizika.Poduzetnici who have done research, carefully weighed their chances of success, and then the intelligent risks that paid handsomely. Steve Jobs' jump in the animation industry is a gamble, and exercise self-confidence. When he plunked down $ 10 million of his own money to buy Pixar, observers question the wisdom of his move. No, Jobs has bought into the idea that computers could be used to create animation, so faithful that China will not forget that what you are watching was not pravi.Niz box office hits, and now Disney Pixar interest, it is proved right again.

Are these five unique quality of Steve Jobs? Before you answer, take a moment to think about and maybe research, career history, few businesses you most admire. Chances are, it was not just luck that got them on the road. It was not the right place at the right time. And it almost certainly did not believe in get-rich-quick schemes. Like jobs, individuals probably have to analyze the deep reserves of quality are reviewed, first Work, 2 Desire, 3 Focus, 4 Perseverance, 5 The risk.

For some, letting go of dreams of instant success will require a major shift in thinking. Realistic expectations and perhaps even completely deter some people from breaking out of their own. But if you found that you can identify with the five points above, you are already one step closer to a successful career as an entrepreneur.

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