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Mac Vs PC

When it comes to choosing a computer for yourself, your family or a child going away to college for the first time you want to be sure that making a sound investment. For most of us it means getting the best quality and reliable assistance for a reasonable price. To this must be enough research before making a purchase. Are your reasons for buying a computer for work, graphics, or simply write an article there are many opportunities vani.Va┼żno question that arises for many people today is that you should get a Mac or PC.

The following chart contains a 15.4-inch PC that are selected and adapted (with the exception of Acer) to best compare to the MacBook Pro. All 3-year warranty and are the basic anti-virus software is based on 15 months of prices.

(Source: Apple.com, Amazon.com, Dell.com, HP.com, Sony.com)

Price Comparison 15.4-inch laptops

Brand Model CPU RAM Graphics Card Hard Disk Weight Price 3-year warranty Anti-Virus Software Price

Apple MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 256 MB 2 GB 200 GB

£ 5.4 $ 1,999.00 $ 349.00 $ 0 $ 2,348.00

Acer Aspire 5920-6329 2.5 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 256 MB 2 GB 320 GB £ 6.6 $ 1,799.00 $ 199.99 $ 60 $ 2,058.98

Dell XPS M1530 2.4 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 256 MB 2 GB 250 GB £ 5.8 $ 1,763.00 $ 299.00 $ 2,062.00 On

HP dv6700t 2.4 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS with 256 MB 2 GB 250 GB £ 6.14 $ 1,220.99 $ 269.99 $ 59.99 $ 1,550.97

Sony VGN-FZ24000 2.4 GHz NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT with 256 MB 2 GB 200 GB £ 5.9 $ 1,258.99 $ 199.99 $ 59.99 $ 1,518.97

When it comes to making sure you are getting the help you need first thing you want to look at the warranty. If you decide to buy a Dell you May want to look at the XPS M1530. Priced at $ 2,062 you can get a 15.4-inch notebook with 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, virus software were, and three-year warranty. Dell warranty includes in home service parts and labor 24x7 telephone service.

HP is a popular choice for a laptop, the dv6700t is one of HP's most comparable to Mac.Dv6700t notebook comes with 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, anti-virus software, and 3-year warranty for $ 1,550. HP warranty includes pick-up and restore service where a laptop computer to diagnose, repair and return to you as fast as possible. They also have a 24x7 telephone support. The guarantee will also get help from virus and spyware issues.

Apple MacBook Pro comes standard with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 2 GB RAM and 200 GB hard drive. Apple's 3-year protection plan covers service and support for the Mac work, iLife, iWork i. This approach allows you to Apple's technical support group if you call and provide Apple-authorized technicians will perform repairs using genuine Apple parts (apple.com / support) . MacBook Pro also comes preloaded with iLife, which consists of such programs such as GarageBand, iMovie, iChat, and iPhoto. These programs are only equivalent to $ 400 in PC applications ("Mac vs. ").

When you choose your choice of feel that Mac users have a 98-percent satisfaction rate, as opposed to Windows users who have a 83 percent rate. Mac also have a higher resale value. During the study, James Stoupa found that Mac sales by 40 percent of their retail cost after three years (Stoupa). Most Windows users find it cheaper just to invest in a brand new laptop.

Small businesses also have to consider switching from PC to Mac. It is less expensive in the long run make up for their higher retail prices with less IT and electricity costs (Schwartau). On average there is one IT person at 150-250 Macs in relation to one person for every 50-60 IT PC (Van Dyke ).

Finally, when looking at its options to buy a laptop, make sure you do all the research. Whether you decide to choose a PC or Mac has a lot of alternatives out there. So, no matter if you need a computer for the office, for your house or dorm, there are many things to see before you make your purchase. Not everyone needs all the luxuries iLife, though some prefer May. So, decide what will be best suited for,? PC or Mac

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