Senin, 31 Oktober 2011

Choosing a Laptop - Windows Laptop Or Macintosh Powerbook

Are you ready to buy my first laptop, a new or replace your old one? Today we are going to compare Windows laptop over to the powerbook for Macintosh.Usporedbe between the two is hoped that the decision process easier for you during your next purchase.

Windows computers

Windows Laptop gives you various options on some high-end, and some of the laptops are ultra light. One of the high-end PC's laptops or notebooks. You can find a laptop in a wide variety of screen sizes from 10 inches to 17 + cm. They also provide you with faster processors and the maximum storage capacity. Now newer laptops are coming out with are not as hard as they once were. They now weigh in at around 7-8 kg. and include a DVD / CD drive, to enhance your entertainment experience. If you are working with limited resources, but you still need to buy a laptop that will work for you, and most buyers is mid-range style, the style of mid-range notebooks tend to have slightly slower processing speed and then high-end laptop, but that will work for what you need for May is. In the end, ultra-light laptops have some great advantages, but they cost more than the previous stilova.Ultra light models have the smallest screen and weighs less than 5 lbs. It is difficult to extend to the media and other opportunities, because of its small size. Their small size makes it easy to transport in your backpack or briefcase and the battery life will last longer because of their size.

Macintosh Powerbook

is the creator of the Apple Mac Powerbook. There are laptop computers geared toward those in professional and educational fields. When you visit most of Laboratory Medicine computer then this is the computer of choice. Powered by Intel Core Duo processor, they also have displays ranging from 10 cm to 17 + inches prikazuje.Powerbook also has an interesting feature that windows laptop does not feature is a magnetic power connector known as Magsafe. In earlier versions of Apple computers when yanked the plug would easily broken off, and newer Mac computers have a power adapter MagSafe power connector which is located in the MacBook and MacBook Pro koristi.MagSafe is held in a small magnet inside the computer. Some of the accessories you'll find on the Macintosh PowerBooks a TV output adapter, an external USB modem, and more. In terms of costs, there are three configurations (listed from most cheapest ):

- 17-inch 2.16 GHz design

- 15.4-inch 2.16 GHz design

- 15.4-inch design at 2.0 GHz

of the many options you have before you is a question that you have to ask yourself before making a purchase, what type of job they are doing? What do you want your computer to do for you? Whether you're a student or a professional game, the computer should represent who you are and what your needs are.

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