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Exploring a Mac Compatible Digital Voice Recorder

Mac compatible digital voice recorder allows you to do practically everything you need to do with audio quickly, efficiently and affordably. The best devices have hundreds of hours of shooting with a very robust 1 GB SD card, and allow you to talk directly into the microphone. Microphones pick up the high quality sound and allow no one touch activation or voice activated recording with variable control voice activation features. This allows the device to start recording as soon as you feel the sound. You can adjust the microphone to pick up soft sounds or mainly recording of human voices.

However, the possibilities of modern Macintosh compatible digital voice recorder does not end there. You can get a full point, with a backlit LCD display for easy viewing whether dark or light, which allows you to watch the recording time and battery life. You can directly connect the system to your PC or laptop for quick and easy transfer of files from a computer link or USB port. From the top of the system from Olympus and Philips line of Mac compatible digital voice recorders also get DSS Player software.

This feature allows you to save files in high compression DSS format via DSS Player / snima─Ź.DSS stands for Digital Speech Standard applies to cost-effective, yet easy to use format that can be converted and sent to a high quality of voice files directly to e-mail for voice messaging. If you are particularly interested in this type of voice recorder then try one of the Olympus models like the Olympus DS-2400 Digital Voice Recorder DS2400. DSS software also lets you delete files or an entire folder, and is compatible with voice recognition software. Currently a new version of software for the DSS Player for Macintosh compatible digital voice recorder. (Previously, the DSS software is only compatible with Windows OS)

You can also use a digital voice recorder Macintosh compatible system for recording songs, or comment on the radio. It saves money spent on expensive satellite radio or iPod features. You can save MP3 files and WAV files and then easily transfer to your computer. You can record up to 250 songs or hundreds of hours of vocal recordings. You can record your voice memos for later, or record an entire room full of people.

Macintosh-compatible digital voice recorder awards Macintosh users with a device that is quick and efficient to use a portable system that is very easy to do. If you are interested in digital voice recorder, but using a Macintosh system, then your time has finally come. You do not need to use Windows compatible Olympus and Philips line of high-quality digital recorder and DSS gaming software.

(c) Dan Robison (RecorderGear.com)

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