Senin, 17 Oktober 2011

iPhone 4 Antennagate Press Conference by Steve Jobs

from Gizmodo posted a video on the iPhone 4 antenna signal issues when it holds a certain way (so called "Deathgrip ') tech community has been waiting for Steve Jobs to make an official announcement to the world's most awaited smartphone from Apple.

Apple decided to hold a press conference officially about this, where Steve Jobs admitted that Apple was not perfect, phones are not perfect and every iPhone 4 customer will receive a free bumper case or a refund if you have already purchased. Furthermore Jobs announced that their OS 4 will get its first upgrade, where the signal bars are more accurate, which is supposed to areas with low signal strength to make a difference.

Steve then further stated that the problem was known in the industry and compare three different phones on the market, the BlackBerry Bold, HTC Droid Eris and Samsung Omnia. All phones when used in the weak signal should drop the signal when it broke out in the bars over the way at various speeds. No iPhone 4 is shown naturally.

He asks the question if this is not all part of the plan. Apple marked the place through which the signal was lost resulting in a line of metal surrounding the phone first. It seems a little strange that they just assumed people would know or dimply saying it's not a problem we can fix before the release was more damaging to Apple ugled.Besplatno bumper cases at least a fraction of the total cost of withdrawal of its so far sold three million iPhone 4 in only three the week.

However, Apple is open to the Q & A and a press conference in the traditional way of jobs makes the recent Toyota approach to openness. Jobs managed to pull even such topics off so smoothly that it almost even though he was announcing another new super gadget that you want to go out and buy. Affected by exposure to the recognition of technological failure to build a better relationship with their customers is the magic of Steve Jobs brings to the company. Where immediately after it is once again the eternal question.

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