Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Apple, not an empty "case", but high-qualified and elegant!

laptops, also known as a laptop or handheld computer, is very small, portable personal computers, usually 1-3 kg of weight. The current size is smaller and smaller, and light in weight, in addition, multiple functions. With the development of technology and science, it changes all the time, even as you read now, a new notebook can be fabricated. However, each brand has a different update. Among these, Apple stands out. In terms of a few public, Apple is so expensive and do not have any practical use. Absolutely the contrary, Apple Computer is not only famous for its beautiful appearance, but also known for its special design, long duration, after-sales service and so on. The quality of apples he had no problem. Apple is not a computer, but some kind of life. Adoption of the creative spirit "different ideas" had a major impact on the new images of computers and digital life, providing a more wonderful choice for consumers.

From the first to get off the computer in the world, which is almost thirsty godina.Mac computers play an important role in the Apple company, regared as a star in the computer field. It is generally classified into two types: home and business korištenja.Desktop former called the iMac, iBook and laptop. While the latter is called the Power Mac and Power Book. One more thing, their common name is Macintosh, Mac briefly. Seeing the look, the Mac usually provides transparent cases, giving the public a sense of noble and elegant. There is no doubt that the design of the Mac is a very special and highly qualified, fully c ombining mainframe with monitor and corlorful half transparent color. Mac has a lot of high technology elementin case, for example, the book cover to put 99.5 percent titanium, as the first plane of material is applied to the computer. Apart from that, the CPU also has, to use a Mac Power PC G3 and G4. IBM, Motorda especially designesd style for it. However, the latest type of computer G5.

As a normal feeling to have the computer draw each part, Apple laptop is worth qualifying, so the components. Taking LCD for example, it is environment-dio.Topline he gives out is quite low, and using for a long time do not you will like toasting meat. It made a great contribution to the environment as temperature increases. At the same time, reduce radiation, and pollution. Then, using a charged battery is also very important, and in this way, you can take a laptop with you wherever you go. Former NiCd batteries, but the "memory effect", inconvenient to use. Shortly thereafter, it is that instead of NiCd NiMH, batteries improve with time and no bad učinak.Najvažnija point, it adapts to various types of portable computers. In addition, the memory of the apple is pretty good. If you suspect that you have the compasion to others.

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