Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2011

Owning a Macintosh Computer is Pure Joy

Let me start by saying that owning a Macintosh computer is a pure joy. There are so many additional features already included on every Mac you do not get into a standard PC that is just unreal. Apple has really thought of just about everything. Their programs are very easy to learn too much and they feel very natural when you use them.

Apple iTunes to download music and videos. iTunes categorizes all of you a very simple format. Also be easily synchronized to the Apple iPhone. iPhoto, but on the Mac, makes uploading and storing your photos is very simple. It also helps to keep them in albums and sort them by date or last roll. It also keeps a library of images.

iCal, another program that is standard on the Mac, helps you keep track of your special events and meetings. You can also set reminders so you never forget a special day. Stickies is another standard program - it allows you to create a post notes on your desktop, so do not forget something važno.Veliki plus is that you have no real stickies all over the place.

all the programs you want to use you can simply store it on your own private dock on the bottom of the screen. You can manipulate the items and add or remove them whenever želite.Time Capsule is a fool proof way to back up all data and information in a very simple way.

Office for Mac enables you to open the gallery items that include the beautiful and artistic templates for everything from brochures to calendars. You can do something as simple as a sequel or something as complex as a business plan. If you need to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint, it is also available. You can color the card on the desktop, so similar projects can be in one color.

Let's talk about the internet at the moment. Surfing the web is easy with Safari. You can add a few favorite bookmarks bar. I opened several tabs, and then can easily surf the different pages within seconds. My own computer has a built-in camera. This makes it easy to use Skype to chat with family and friends without hooking up an external camera.

Even screen savers are nice compared to what you would find on a standard PC! As you can tell, I love my Macintosh computer. I recommend getting a Mac for all I know, even people I do not. Every single person I know who bought a Mac loves it too. If you have a lot of cool applications to use the easy to use and fun as well, then do yourself a favor and get a Mac.

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I have just put my mac in for repair. They told me Mac repairs will take up to 14 days, so I called on the 10th day to ask how the repair was going.
They said 7 more days. I really need my computer back, as I have a project to finish. Do they give a replacement, i have apple care.

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