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Xerox Solid Ink Sticks - An Alternative to Traditional Printer Cartridges

What exactly is a Xerox solid ink stick? Solid ink sticks are faster, easier and greener way to print all your projects. They have a small block of ink in a solid (not liquid) form and do not use a cartridge that can break or leak. Solid ink sticks are an innovative product that is revolutionizing the way printing is handled. It was introduced to the market in 1991 and has won awards from PCMAgazine, MacWorld and many other standard computer technology magazines over the years.

1 Green with envy

with a traditional tank, you get tons of packaging that is unnecessary and plastic and metal cartridge which often ends up in landfill. Solid ink sticks come contained in a much smaller package and has uložak.Čvrstom ink will not stain hands or clothing and is 100% non-toxic. No more worrying about spills or leakage of fluids as well as ink and less to operate and the printer. So, with less packaging and non-toxic ink, Xerox solid ink sticks are an environmentally friendly and cost effective.

2 It's as simple as 1, 2, 3

ink block is designed to fit on just one hole on the printer in order to avoid confusion. Depending on your printer, you can load up to five ink sticks for color, and can be given to 2,300 pages before needing to recharge. Because of the way the ink block is intended to be, they are small enough (and safe enough) to store in a drawer.

3 Raising the level of print quality

Unlike inkjet printers, Xerox solid ink printers Stick with consistent color clarity from the first printed page to the last. Due to the design of the ink stick, running out of ink will not cause the print colors fade, change or leave an unsafe manner inkjet printers do. Solid ink will not run wires or as a liquid ink and do not curl up in your work or soggy. Inkjet printers also boast Stick 2400 Fine points of the resolution. Not only solid ink to print at higher quality than standard inkjet or laser printer also prints faster.

4 Permanent, professional printing

Xerox solid ink sticks offer a permanent job printing on any media sent through the printer. This is because the ink is connected directly to the paper using a combination of heat and pressure. Instead of ink to be absorbed in the work or inkjet printer, ink sticks, ink lay on top of paper and use pressure to join in ink on paper.

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