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Windows 7 Based PC Or the Apple Macintosh Snow Leopard - What's the Best?

Windows 7 has arrived. For most PC owners to the watershed moment of frustration after Microsoft Vista and the burning questions that everyone asks: "Is it any good?" I can definitely answer "Yes"

Is it worth the upgrade from Vista, even at this early stage?. "" Yes, it is "

Then why would you replace your computer for Apple Mac computers and operating system, Snow Leopard is better than Windows 7?

When considering the overall response to the question you must ask yourself: "What am I going to be using this computer for ?'

If you are looking for a gaming computer then Window 7 is for you. There are literally thousands of games available, Windows 7 has little to no compatibility issues in relation to the Vista drivers for graphics cards, soundcards, and extra thick processors are very easy to upgrade and run nicely.

Maybe you are looking for word processing, accounting, and productivity. In this case both systems are great with Windows 7 greatly improved. Apple Mac version of Office you have available, so again, or personal preference.

multimedia applications is still the total goes to Apple Snow Leopard operating system yet. Again, after getting used to the different styling of Apple just seems to be better and are great for new users with little to no computer experience or gray hair brigade pioneering its way into the modern technological age.

I really do not like the new Windows 7 operating system. It is clean, fresh and really good. I found it very user friendly, my computer is definitely faster and more smoothly and there were none of the compatibility issues I had with Vista. Well done Microsoft! It is a shame to take two years longer then it should have. Therefore, to investigate changes in the range of Apple Mac operating system, Snow Leopard. This is one hell of a system also and I can see why so many people use Macs.

So what I did! Well I have the best of both worlds. I have the Acer Predator gaming desktop computer running Windows 7 and using it for work and play, and I love it. Yeah Yeah, I know it is like using nuclear power to cook an egg, but hey I was able to get a good price for the Webnet. I also Apple MacBook Pro and just love everything that I want to do with portability in mind. I use it as a music center, a portable DVD player, internet access and my wifes brag book, every photograph of children ever. Again, all these features are available to any Windows based PC, but I found the multimedia on Apple has more options for viewing and overall easier to use. Personal preference is a hell of a thing.

So what I'm talking about in this article? Basically it you really can not go wrong with any operating system. However, if you have a Windows PC at this point it will probably be in your best interest to upgrade to Windows 7 If you are looking for a new computer, either way, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. My advice is, you really know what you want your system and do what your mind tells you not what your heart tells you and you can not go wrong.

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