Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M for the Macintosh - Helps You Organize PDF Files Faster

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M Instant PDF sheet-fed scanner for Mac is another great device made ​​by Fujitsu. It aims to make your life easier, uncluttered and well organized. Fujitsu, a leading company for professional document scanners, has paved the way for superior performance and user-friendly devices for Mac users at home or in uredu.ScanSnap S1500M is another innovation that will surely make customers happy.

quickly and well, that's what ScanSnap S1500M is all about. It is well engineered to be up to 20 pages per minute, whether it's in color grayscale or black and white. However, it remains his outstanding speed of 20 pages per minute even when the scan resolution of 200 or even 300 dpi color or grayscale. This remarkable tool also has several automatic features, making it more comfortable and easier for beginners operators korištenje.Evo Auto Color, monochrome and grayscale detection, size detection Auto, Auto content rotation, Auto Crop and De-sloping and Auto quality. With these features, it is easier to detect small documents such as receipts and business cards, which is clear and readable.

ScanSnap S1500M is intelligent detection paper. To make this possible, it is equipped with an ultrasonic multiple feed detection sensor to help operators avoid losing images. This sensor can be turned on with a touch of the button. In addition, there is an interface that goes beyond intentional double feeds easily and quickly.

ScanSnap S1500M also provides a quick menu, so that operators can create a profile or access features with a snap. It also has special features for Adobe ® Acrobat ® 8 Professional. Now, users are not restricted to only reading, but they can also edit and browse the contents of PDF documents to your heart's content. Acrobat ® 8 Professional is the security that includes password protection and creating a digital ID that can be perfect for confidential information. Throughout, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap 4.0 Mac Edition, the efficiency is achieved because of the paperwork can now be converted to edit the piece so that the scanning directly to Microsoft ® Word and Excel at the touch of a button. Finally, the Cardiris ™ 3.6 for ScanSnap, business cards and contact information can now be loaded into the fields for editing and exporting the Address Book or Entourage, a feat that is very effective.

ScanSnap S1500M is the dream of every Mac user that the scanner should be. Mix all types of paper through it and carried on without interference. And when the jam, clearing is not to exploit, because it is a straight through paper path design.

This artwork can be purchased at a price of $ 418.99 online. Users claimed that worth every penny of what is done what he has. For product dimensions 6.3 x 11.5 x 6.2 cm, 9.8 pounds, it promises to take up as little space as moguće.Proizvoda also includes a USB cable (2.0), 1 ScanSnap CarrierSheet, 1 precaution 1 AC adapter, 1 Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional DVD-ROM, 1 set-up DVD-ROM, an AC cord, and 1 Introduction to the purchase.

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