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Top 5 Best Tablets 2011

Tablets are hot poslovanja.Tanak touchscreen devices are not so long ago limited to incomplete sci-fi movies, but now everyone wants a post-PC devices. And with good reason, because sometimes the app running on the big screen is nothing short of magical. Here are the best pills in April 2011, determined glasses and odds for success.

5 Luk 10.1 "Internet Tablet 101

measurement at 480grams, this 10 "panel is very lightweight and offers one of the largest screens available. And the best part is that it will set you back about $ 300. For the price of onions has a webcam, speakers, USB, HDMI, card reader, and Android 2.2, at least up to 3.0 finally finalized.

So, in short the big glasses, but why only five? So it was cut somewhere, and unfortunately, the screen quality and build quality should not be writing home about. And they do not matter in tablet form.

4 MSI Windpad

pill can be viewed as a blown smartphone with applications, or as futurized computer. MSI chose the latter and equipment windpad with a fresh installation of Windows 7 It runs on a 1.6GHz Atom, which is faster than most processors talked about today, and it has 32gigs of memory available to the user.

for $ 500 it's still one of the cheapest despite Complete PC.MSI gets my praise for going against the tide, but it was too cumbersome and slow to earn a higher place on this list.

3 LG Optimus pillow

This plate was introduced during CES this year with a thickness only slightly improved the original iPad. Android honeycomb comes installed and working on the latest Nvidia Tegra chip, with 32GB of storage. So the hardware is good, but what sets this board apart is on the screen.

LG Optimus pad comes equipped with a 8.9 "1280x768 screen, so pixels thick. And here's the kicker, you can do 3D! Now this is not entirely as a space movie just yet. Users will still need to wear those glasses dodgy and it comes at a high cost -. $ 900, not a penny less

2 Apple iPad 2

apple another pill after the company introduced a tablet on the market last year, and thus are convinced millions of people buy the product category they thought they should not, think again.

Powered by Yet powerful iOS, Apple improved the iPad 2 of upping the speed, cutting the body, and adding eyes on the back and front. The screen is fantastic, IPS display, and the aluminum body makes this supermodel in the tablet industry. Starting from $ 499 and topping at $ 849, there iPad for all, that's if you can find one.

1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 "

Samsung follow Apple time this year. This second generation of cards comes in three screen sizes, the smallest of which is useless (IMO), and 10.1 "probably offers the best bang for the buck. This tablet is as thin as the iPad 2, but the easiest, most zbogjeftinije materials used by Koreans . prices start at $ 500.

To be honest the top 2 are equal and purchase one over the other will probably be the case that iOS or Android-oriented. However, the galaxy card is the best theoretical specs and additional display options makes for a very competitive product, and probably one of fail. If the Galaxy label, this thing will fly!

And there you have it. My top 5 best pills 2011, the list offering and guesstimated the likelihood of success. My advice to newcomers. When you buy a tablet, first choose which direction you head in. Android, IOS, or windows, the latter being a netbook replacement in many ways. Then look at the offering and what suits your style / budget best. Happy tableting!

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