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Should You Upgrade to an iPhone 4S?

4S iPhone was launched in October 2011 was the first iPhone was released in more than 15 months. This model includes the same design for the iPhone 4, but contains many enhanced interior features. If you're considering upgrading from the previous iPhone, this guide will explain some of the key reasons may choose to do so.

The flagship feature of the new iPhone is a voice control feature that Apple has named as "spreads". Siri is essentially a computerized personal assistant in your phone, allowing you to have real conversations to reshape normal operations. It may, for example, read your text message and rewrite your answer, schedule appointments and reminders, to find facts from Wolfram Alpha and other online sources, and much more. This feature is only available on iPhone 4S.

Improved Camera
Apple touts iPhone 4S as probably the best camera you have ever used - including those not on the phone. A lot of engineering work has been done to the camera of this phone, which is really impressive. In addition, the camera captures video at full 1080p resolution, and includes brand new features for image stabilization.

faster processor
IPhone 4S now features dual-core processor A5, which is used in quick-fire second IPAD For most everyday tasks, it is not visible, but when you play graphics-intensive games or editing video, the processor will feel much more responsive.

Sprint network
Finally, Apple has added Sprint AT & T and Verizon, allowing users to three choices of the carrier with the new iPhone. If you were satisfied with both Verizon and AT & T, it can be a compelling reason to upgrade.

These are ultimately the only major difference between 4 and iPhone 4S. For serious fans, or those with a strong need for a broader, better camera, or a faster processor, on May make sense to upgrade. But for the average user, it makes sense to wait for May. Another important consideration when considering updating your current contract. Most carriers will customers wait two years before offering a discounted upgrade. For example, if you bought the iPhone 4 in 2010, most carriers will not allow you to upgrade to 4S for only $ 199, it will probably be $ 299 or more.

Finally, the iPhone 5? Rumors have it that the iPhone 5 will feature a complete redesign, all the above features, even a faster processor and more. Although nobody knows for sure when Apple will release a new generation of devices, it will probably be sometime between June -. October 2012

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