Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Apple Vs Amazon

Apple iPad was able to outperform its competitors to lower prices and offer better value-for-dollar compared to other tablets of equal or greater cost. For all intensive purposes, Apple has enjoyed a comfortable grip on the board on the market, with the freedom to charge whatever it pleased - until now. On Wednesday, 28 September, Amazon announced its new generation Kindles.Amazon the original Kindle e-reader, offering many thousands of books and other reading materials in a lightweight, easy-to-read handheld tablet. Amazon still has this fundamental light, and now offers the Kindle, which has 3G wireless capabilities, allowing its users to download new material at no additional charge. These rudimentary reading devices have never offered a real threat to Apple iPad in the past though. This is just an introduction to the latest Amazon Kindle, Firefox, which is making Apple feel the heat of competition.

Amazon is releasing their latest product as a direct competitor to the iPad, and they are wielding a sword uštede.Amazon fire is able to provide its owner with all the reading, viewing, listening and content available through Subscribers were even able to access the media on an unlimited basis for an annual fee of about $ 80. Although the Fire does not offer computing capabilities iPad, it challenges the fun part iPad directly. Now there are two strong companies in the market for tablets, and the fight eagerly for any customer in this relatively new market, everyone must take a strong stand in your corner of the ring, and establish a solid foundation and a strategy that will be able to compete directly with the other hand, distinguish itself enough to justify the price difference.

Previous their new threats, Apple's position is clear. It offers probably the best product, usually the highest price. Despite the very near forfeiting member of any Apple product, most Mac-heads will swear by their products. They are intuitive, easy to use and reliable. On top of their outstanding performance, Apple's service is almost second-to-none. However, with the introduction of a new, formidable competitor, we are consumers and investors will watch how this battle takes pills. Amazon clearly has taken the position offer a direct replacement for the entertainment function of the iPad at 30%. But Amazon is not offering access to superior or equivalent product iPad. Amazon plans to offer medium to expand our superior service to its existing customer base of tens of millions of online members. In fact, Amazon has brought its legendary service, backed by years of experience in the industry online pills on the market. He did not fight fire with fire. It tries to light the Apple Orchard plamenu.Vatra do not ship to customers until mid-November, so until then we can only guess how Apple will respond to the challenger, if at all.

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