Jumat, 13 Januari 2012

iPhone Insurance App to Help Save Money

Apple App Store phenomenon is all in its own right. Now there are more than 100,000 applications in the store -. This is more than 100K of software applications available to everyone and anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch

A number grows every day, not only because demand is growing because there are more and more iPhone users every day. Apple iPhone has seen striking sells almost 25 million units in 2009.

iPhone mobile phone is not cheap in itself. Of course, many owners were given a new joy for either free or far less than its true cost, because it was signed by 12, 18 or even 24 month contract with the carrier's phone network. For this reason, the network operator discounts the cost of iPhone users.

But, if your iPhone were stolen or damaged and will have to pay the full cost of replacement. Currently this is £ 550 for iPhone 3G-S and 350 pounds for the iPhone 3G in the UK, while in the U.S. iPhone 3G-S is $ 600 and iPhone 3G is $ 450 to $ 500.

so that you can begin to see why demand for the iPhone insurance is so high. You really do not want to pay that amount of money if your iPhone is stolen or damaged. However, in line with the cost of the handset, and the unfortunate high false insurance claim rates on iPhone, insurance premiums are higher than other mobile phones.

Now, in a curious twist of using iPhone technology to this situation, an iPhone app called "Make Me" was created to find the secret discount codes and links that are not otherwise available on the Internet. Users of this iPhone App ensure free app simply enter your name, country and e-mail address (secret link will be emailed to them later) and they can then save money on their iPhone insurance.

This is just another example of the range of applications available in Apple App Store.

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