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Penultimate Review for iPad and iPad 2

penultimate, created Cocoa Box Design, is an application that displays an analog type notes for the iPad, and iPad second The penultimate was on top of productivity applications on the Apple store, and currently remains in the top ten applications, available for $ 2.99 at the Apple store. So, what is making the penultimate so successful? Let's dig and find out.

interface that uses the penultimate are simple, but attractive to look at the program's style, the leather bound notebook filled with various styles of paper po.Korisnik can choose from a chart, plain or coated paper. There is the option for specialized paper styles as well. The penultimate allows you to create as many different laptops as they want. Organizing notes is a breeze for the Creator.

Opening of the penultimate show individually closed the notebook with the title, date created, number of pages, and date last updated. Opening the notebook is as simple as touching a finger. All navigation, creating and editing is done with a finger, because there is no need for a keyboard. Move your finger left or right turns the page in the appropriate direction. Visually it's very attractive, although the movement through a large number of laptops can get tedious.

your only tool for making notes, finger, pen style you can choose from multiple choice boja.Br┼że'll write a thin line, if you are writing slower line is thicker in izgledu.Protok is very precise, and even creating beautifully designed circles performed very well. Draw simple pictures and diagrams with the penultimate is easily performed and the iPad screen in a beautiful delivery.

Finger move feels like a calligraphy pen, calligraphy, the effect is subtle, but the end result shows the perfection of design. One feature that is missing is the ability to zoom in or on the page to the intricate design, you need to be reminded that the penultimate notes, applications, and not a tool for creating art, such as Illustrator or Photoshop.Upozorenje for pen stylus users, the penultimate not support stylus.

eraser tool is a set of diameter which makes clear the medium to large items on the screen just when trying to delete small objects, it can be a chore. Another feature I wanted to be involved in the penultimate different choices of eraser sizes.

Once you've created in mind you can share it by sending a single page in PNG format or the entire laptop in PDF format, I like this decision by Apple is the "file sharing" tool. The penultimate works very well and is visually appealing, it does exactly what it should do, which is artistically designed to create notes on your IPAD IPAD or second

Even with the lack of features such as a pencil eraser in diameter and choice, not a zoom feature, we still recommend the penultimate, because of its great functionality and style.

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