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Making Your Own Apple Store App

I'm sure you have browsed through the Apple App store and thought one of two things. Or, why not think about it? Or, I know the perfect app! If you've ever thought later, I'm sure that thought was immediately followed by "Too bad I do not know how to program." Well I'm here to tell you that if you have a passion and great ideas do not need to know how to program. That's right, without prior programming experience.


is the first obvious step would be to have a solid idea. Your idea should meet the need for somewhere to someone. Maybe someone will laugh at, or solve a problem that has not previously even thought of. Maybe you thought the perfect way to enhance existing applications in order to better / faster / more fun.


You will need a few things on the way to the App Store of wealth, of course. First you will need to join the iPhone Developer Program. It's going to run you $ 99. Program Developer will give you access to tons of technical resources that you need. You will also need an iPhone or iPod Touch, Mac OS X 10.5.5 with, get your own disclosure agreement ready. Finally, download and install the latest SDK for the iPhone.

should not know what I'm doing?

It would help, but honestly, no. If you have an idea, and I know that the winner to do what any good entrepreneur would do. Build a team around the idea. It can be expensive, yes, but it is the idea that you know will do it right? Fortunes are not made ​​by people who do not take chances.

If you can not do any of the following positions, bonus. If not, you will need a programmer. You May need a GUI designer for more complex applications, an artist who will help you visualize your still not created the idea, and one for marketing and promotion.

storyboarding and images of time

You, or your artist should propose to every aspect of your application. Think about what your customer will experience and draw a rough sketch of it. Play with your design, think color palate. Once you think you have a visual aspect of the artist to complete or provide any screenshots as you would like to see them. Make them look nice! These will help sell your idea

writing code and submit

If you are a programmer you waiting for? In! For like the wind. If not, find one and let them worry about programming. After you are finished you will be ready to submit Store.Dobar Apple developer will know exactly what you need to get this done. For your information you will need them to create certificates, define the App ID, create a Distribution Profile, compile your app and upload it to iTunes connect.

to get the word out

After being out there that people know. Use social networking sites to let people know your app there. Issue a press release. Create a web page. Do not give up.

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