Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

Macintosh Laptops - Apple MacBook Pro 15"

apple equals cool. This is a statement you make when you buy a MacBook Pro, Macintosh laptop with its ultra cool Uni body chassis manufactured from a single piece of aluminum. You suddenly get a better understanding of why these computers are not only serious piece of computer technology, but also a fashion accessory.

MacBook Pro uses a Core 2 processor runs that had somewhere to 3 "GHz with at least 4GB of RAM with various sized hard drives available, making this a very capable unit with a keen price range against a Windows-based laptops such as HP Pavilion dv6 or Toshiba Satellite A500.

There are many positive aspects of owning one of these computers, including a large battery for MacBook Pro, which was up to 260 minutes, easy to use Snow Leopard operating system, compatibility with other products, including Apple iPhone, iPod, and soon be available to the iPad.

The only real problem with the MacBook Pro's weight. To pack so much performance and so they have a high quality of Apple Macintosh can not run away from this unit, weighing about 3 pounds with the battery, which is pretty heavy for the size of this device.

If you can not live without some form of windows, there are two great options. Bootcamp is already available on Mac laptop that allows you to go into Windows to boot or a program called Parralles that puts a virtual machine within the Operating System: Snow Leopard. I recommend installing the Windows 7 operating system seems to be a smooth running system inside the virtual machine.

Mac Book Pro comes in three sizes are 13 "15" and 17 ". They all have the same high-powered CPU and RAM. Specifications for theses models are excellent compared to similar Windows-based laptop. Overall I believe that MacBook Pro will be an excellent multimedia and business notebook PC for everyday needs.

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