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Five Reasons to Love Macintosh Computers

If you've never owned an Apple Computer, I do not know what you're missing. On the other hand, if you regularly use Macintosh computers, you understand that once you have a Mac, you'll never vratiti.Apple Macintosh - whether the MacBook, Mac Pro, or iMac - takes personal computer to a whole new level. I bought my first iMac in 1998, have upgraded twice, and I am still happy as proverbial clams. Here then are five reasons to love Apple Macintosh.

1 Cool elegance. If there's one thing Steve Jobs knows how to do this is to design the electronics that are ultra-cool, but beautifully elegant. Why are the big heavy computer desktop box, when you can have everything you need in a sleek iMac? Behind the clear, bright 16:10 aspect ratio monitors your entire computer, including the DVD drive and 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo processor. There's even a webcam built into the iMac, so you can video chat or video conference when the whim of attack.

2 Intuitive functionality. Although Windows to copy a friendly graphical interface with the Apple Macintosh, they are still not able to get right. Navigating Mac interface is really intuitive, attractive, and just really fun. With mobile computing products like the MacBook, you can take the full functionality of computer wherever you go. And where you go, you'll always be connected, because the MacBook automatically finds nearby wireless network and gives you almost instant access to online.

3 Digital Life. Macintosh computers are designed to embrace the digital lifestyle. MacBook and iMac comes with iLife, a wonderful array of applications that you effortlessly share photo albums, podcasts and recording songs, and even create and edit movies. You can even publish their creations on the web with one click. How cool is that?

4 Bug-free. If you are wrestling with Vista last few months (or any other Windows operating system, for that matter), I do not know the meaning of freedom. Macintosh computers' operating systems are bug-free, as well as an upgrade, you must choose when to receive software update notifications, and always have a choice to update now or in the future. Mac just is not intrusive. You get to control technology rather than technology enables control of

5 Workhorse. Macintosh computers are more than a way to rejoice in their spare time. They are also workhorses. For years, graphic artists and publishers have almost exclusively used Mac for work. With the Mac Pro, you can get the Adobe Creative Suite 3, a set of tools specifically designed for creative professionals. Whether you're a web designer, graphic designer, art director, or a video professional, Adobe Creative Suite 3 will make your work easier, better and more fun.

There are those who argue that Macintosh computers are limited in how much available software is only compatible with PCs. My experience is that my Mac can do anything a computer can do - and do it better. But for those die hards who insist they can not live without windows, the next version of Mac OSX, Leopard, will allow you to install Windows XP on Mac. Right now, you can run Windows in competition mode ... though for the life of me, I do not understand why you want!

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