Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Apple to Release Mac OS X Lion With 250 New Features

Apple is releasing a new update for Mac OS X is called lava, and has features that will benefit anyone who uses a Mac, from artists to architects in internet marketing.

In developing a new operating system, Apple has drawn much inspiration from ipad.Slučaj in point is his use of movement in the new operating system.

If you have a clue, you will enjoy the new multi-touch gestures, including swiping three fingers to move the app from the app, or flipping through web pages or documents such as pages in the book.

you can scroll through a document, such as web pages that swiping up and down on the ground. You can turn pages by swiping back and forth. To zoom out, just a pinch.

full-screen applications to take advantage of its large iMac screen, or better use the screen on MacBook. It provides a simplified, more iPad like experience on a Mac.

Now you can get immersed in a full screen experience working in iPhoto, reading e-mail, surf the web in Safari, or working in the Apple site.

One thing that separates the PC user experience of those pills a great number of things that users often go on all at the same time. Mission Control in the Lion gives a bird's eye all on your system, including applications, dashboard, expose, and spaces.

Launchpad turns the entire screen in the app launcher. It can be invoked by simply clicking on the Mac OS dock and you see your app icons arranged in a grid on the screen over the desktop pattern.

Since it is probably too many applications to fit on one screen, you can browse by swiping, and the whole screen changes to the next set of applications. You can organize your applications into collections on display, which Apple calls the "folder" (but should not be confused with the folder in the Finder ).

Want to get more applications? Mac App Store lets you browse and buy thousands of applications as you do on your iPhone and the iPad.

Using the application is also improved. For example, teaching allows applications to run exactly as they were when they closed, with all the applications start automatically when you restart.

version is like the "Time Machine for your work," auto-save your work in supported applications and enabling you to revert to past versions.

In fact, there are more than 250 major and minor new features in Lion. Best of all, update to a reasonable $ 29.99!

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