Senin, 16 Januari 2012

How to Get Your iPad App Accepted by Apple

When you create iPad Apps, you want them to stand out from the crowd that Apple will accept them. Here are some key points:

1 Concept - When deciding on the app, think about what people need and want. Apps can be games, news, important information, something that people want to do this May. It must be contagious, so people will keep coming back to it and tell their friends about it. It would be useful to review Apple Store to see what is selling and check out the competition.

2 Design - This is great. Unless you're a whiz at graphic design and I know all about sound engineering, you probably want to hire some of the free. Why? Since Apple receives thousands of applications weekly, so you'll have fantastic graphics and awesome sound. You only have a few minutes to "wow" them.

3 Flow - You must be a little obsessive compulsive about details in the running app. Make sure every link works, the app is user friendly, and everything works in a logical manner. Before submitting the app has a test on the iPad flaws and omissions.

reasons why Apple can reject your app are many. Apple is a private company, so they made ​​a list of things you are looking for, or things will get approx denied. There are some things that developers have discovered. Here are just some of them:

1 Disadvantages: They are looking for is running approx. If they refuse, you can solve the problem and resend it, but you will waste precious time. Make sure to work well before sending it in.

2 User interface: Be familiar with the way applications run. Windows and menus should work the same way other applications do.

3 Information: We have a solution for every problem a user may have and check the information window for each situation


4 Functionality: Your app needs to do something and not just be a page that links to web pages. Also you can not do what the iPad does not already.

5 Key words: Any of the keywords you use must be in harmony with their app


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