Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Best iPad Alternatives - Five Close Competitors

Ever since Apple announced the iPad, other companies were always rushing to get the products to compete with Apple iPad. Here are five such products will reach the market later this year, which will go neck and neck with the iPad. All these tablets are multi-touch screens that are larger than the Apple iPad. They can not have the hype that the iPad has, but they do not have similar or more features iPad brings.

1 2goPC Slate -

This 2goPC Slate will be a standard netbook using the Intel Atom processor, without a keyboard that replaces the multiple touch screen. Multitasking is Windows 7, which does not feature in the iPad. Similarly, netbook, and not as Apple iPad, it includes a built-in webcam. It's only cost $ 499 which is incredible compared to the iPad.

2 Adam -

Adam uses the Nvidia Tegra 2 graphics processor that is specifically produced for the tablets, and mobile devices. He also introduced dual mode LCD that makes it easy to switch between color display and monochrome mode. Another feature is, while the backlight is off, which should mimic the "e-ink" display book readers such as Amazon zapaliti.Ugrađenom cameras inside Adam can turn to or remotely, thus allowing you to capture images.

3 ExoPC Slate -

As 2goPC Slate, a deeper analysis of the technical specification means this device will basically be considered a bigger screen tablet has a touch screen keyboard instead. Although there is no 3G face, but he will have a more impressive display and a better solution than the iPad, and it will use Windows 7

4 Gemini -

List of features Gemini ICD reads just like a wish list of everything you will ever require in your dream pills. Similarly, Adam, can churn out graphics with Tegra 2 chipset, and will also have the same display size and resolution as ExoPC Slate. It will even connect via 3G and Wi-Fi, including what would the IPAD example GPS and several cameras. You can even have the ability to produce mobile voice calls using it. So, it's as big for Smartphone users.

5 JooJoo -

Originally called Crunchpad, but still the subject of argument between the property of their designers, JooJoo seemed to be the first slate / neo-pill about being released, albeit in limited quantities only to people who pre-ordered it online . JooJoo have a sizable screen, but blamed the early assessment of its software - was developed using a customized edition of Linux. Fusion Garage is expected to hit the izdanje.Početna 3G Wi-Fi tablet model is also available for online ordering in advance for only $ 499.

These are some of the upcoming tablets that can be recovered close to the competitor with the Apple iPad. It is up to consumers to correct decisions.

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