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Record Presentations From Macintosh or Linux Machines

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team responsible for the videography at the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science usually recorded presentations, small meetings and lectures with the help Panopto CourseCast. This software is widely used to capture more video data and automatically transfer over interneta.Daljinski audience can access the content as it becomes available in the popular and easy to consume formats. CourseCast recorder installed on the computer preparing lectures and other material they upload to the web stranici.Ciljanu audience can watch previously recorded content using your username and password.

Institute team that uses this software to capture video stream from your computer suddenly came across the following question. Thomas Pope Institute says: "Most of the time we were able to use the recorder to the PC Presenter, on conditions that the Windows computer. No, we are engaged in various tasks. Sometimes the educational content that is created must include some video and pictures from computers running under Linux or Mac. That is why we are looking for a way to capture the screen of these machines as well as from the computer ."

Panopto experts helped the Pope solve this problem.Institut team has recommended that you use VGA2USB LR frame grabber. "Frame grabber has been used successfully in Panopto software." Pope recalls. "We decided to use this product because Panopto software is compatible with the frame grabbers. Now we are able to capture, and other instructional content using video or PC, Mac or Linux computer. VGA2USB LR ability to be incorporated into the existing environment enables us to reach data from multiple video sources, and prepares a variety of education materials ".

VGA to USB is an external device for video recording allows the user to record video with resolution up to 1280x1024. Since the transmitted video in original quality with high resolution of any equipment with a VGA connector, educational centers and other organizations can use to record data. Recording meetings and other events, giving presentations over the web, create online educational programs - you can benefit from high-performance frame grabber in several ways


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