Selasa, 20 Desember 2011

Speck SeeThru Case for MacBook Pro 13

When you're looking to protect your Mac, you're looking for the protection of the highest quality. And more than likely want to be affordable. So we look at the new Speck SeeThru 13 cases and all the advantages that come with it.

This item is designed with the MacBook Pro 13 in mind, tailored exclusively for use with MacBook Pro 13th This not only ensures that this case was made ​​for my MacBook, but they are also getting a case that is designed to enhance the experience MacBook Pro while providing you with the most streamlined and easy way to protect too.

Not only that, but the MacBook Pro offers you some real style too. Installation is simple with the SeeThru 13 in a snap fit design providing you have your MacBook snug fit and best protection against scratches and bumps, with sales of polycarbonate casing.

Thanks cases custom design, all ports and function buttons can be easily accessed as the opening match perfectly on your device. Even the battery light in plain view, making sure you never miss a beat and never left the dying MacBook.

Two very nice touches that Speck were surely there are rubber feet to make sure that the laptop is not sliding all over the place with ventilation to help keep you cool and comfortable even when you use your laptop for long periods of time.

The Speck has also made sure to note that a modern Mac, and as such is the case should be too. Coming in different colors that can appeal to any, and if you're not one to show your colors are even delivered a clear case that gives your Mac a stylish translucent finish.

Cleaning is also not a problem with these cases. Simply give a quick once with a cloth and you will see any stains and marking disappear, within reason of course.

with all the areas covered by Speck clearly offers superior protection at a reasonable price. And that's what you want for your MacBook, improved protection with style.

Oh, but if you are concerned about color choices, not to be, they've even gone as far as to offer styles such as raspberry, peacock and Clementine, so you never have a reason for the game. This is one purchase you will not regret it quickly.

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