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Keep Track of Stephen Colbert's Surreal Career on Satellite TV

something funny is going on in the inner ranks of the comedy and the result is Stephen Colbert climb to the top of the field. In a few short years, Colbert (careful how you pronounce it, or drop the "T") has taken over as the comedy sensation of time going from a vague sketch comedy artist who is the anchor on the Daily Show to host his very own show ... Colbert Report.

Originally from South Carolina, Colbert is the farthest thing from southern accent. According to him, he trained with his native accent Charleston as a young kid in an effort to sound more like people from the north, which is considered to be portrayed as more intelligent than the media.

avid sports player as a kid, Stephen wanted to get into a career as a marine biologist as a young man. However, after complications with her right ear that required surgery, he remained deaf to the ear and with a recommendation not to enter a career where diving will be a joint activity. This is how we get our comedy masters handed.

What makes this unflinching satirist so damn funny? His sharp wit, his biting satire, his ability to stay in character no matter what, or deformed ear on the right side of the head? It definitely got to be a mixture of them all. Stephen has impressed us all with his intelligence and his language, and most people are celebrities, politicians and critics fear the idea of taking on the masters of political inaccuracy.

awkward moments that are manufactured on his show and his personality must also be a big part of the allure: our culture seems to have gotten more and more obsessed with the past 10-15 years watching people be embarrassed and ashamed at the national television. Although he can not see what is the driving force behind his success, he certainly figures in receptu.Najbolji such clumsiness that has so far not come on his show, but the White House Correspondents Dinner 2006, in which, in character as always, Stephen released a speech in which he addressed the president acts as powerfully as he hit the mass media for their obedience and hackery. Some people thought it was tasteless, while for others, it turned into a living legend Stephen (you have the courage to do what he did). What is not really to discuss the effect this had on the nation: half of the 2006 election results indicate a strong resonance in the wider society. How I wish I had bought my new High Definition TV before dinner, so I could see the wincing and uncomfortable grinning in a perfect definition.

Today, still in character as overly conservative, ignorant egomaniac, Stephen continues to play sports magnification, and personal character assassination, but always with a big smile on his face. All signs indicate that he is still growing in the field and expect to see much more of him in the future. You can check out his show on Comedy Central, available to all cable and satellite television services. Do not eat too much before watching, however, as excessive laughter that follows, you will probably stomach ache.

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