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iPad 2 Vs Galaxy Tab 10

In the past few weeks, I've been testing Apple's new iPad 2 against its most direct competition, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v. I should point out before I start this I was using the iPad (version 1) from the Australian launch last year, while 10.1v Galaxy Tab is much more than a newcomer. Android tablets have been available since last year, but the 10.1v is the first model in Australia to use Google Tablet-specific version of Android, informally known as the "Honeycomb." Make of this potential bias what you will.


iPad 2 16GB: $ 579 / $ 729

Galaxy Tab 10.1v: $ 729

two types of price iPad2 are there as Apple offers both with and without 3G capabilities, if you see cheaper iPad2, it is one that does not offer mobile broadband, WiFi only. It is quite obvious that this is clearly linked to race for a comparable price pills, though. There are traps for both approaches, which can not be immediately visible. It is possible to spend quite a bit more about iPad2 - up to $ 949 - but it comes with an increased ability to store up to 64GB, which is 10.1v stock, set, fixed 16GB. On the flip side, 10.1v, which is the exclusive Vodafone offers a carrier under a contract of only $ 39 a month with the data involved. From the budget perspective, it's pretty convincing.

Look and feel:

Apple whole marketing schtick behind iPad2 that is thinner than the original iPad, and it is indeed true, at 8.8mm thick is slender and tapered lijepo.10.1v Galaxy Tab is compared to a chunky beast, but it hides a little secret prednost.Leđa tablet is textured and gently curved inward, making it easy to hold even without the case. For comparison, iPad2 back is fairly slippery if you pop it in the case -. At which point the thickness of the advantage goes away

base specification:

iPad2: Display: 9.7 "1024x768 Processor: Dual Core Apple A5 1GHz Memory: 16GB-64GB

Galaxy Tab 10.1v: Display: 10.1 "1024x768 Processor: Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core 1GHz Memory: 16GB

Again, it's pretty neck and neck,. Larger screen 10.1vi improved resolution are nice, but the fact that the fixed memory size is also quite common in the Android world and is held as a sore thumb


This is much more subjective, and much harder to call. There is no doubt that Honeycomb is a much better version of Android compared to the previous tablet offering, as an original application better use of screen space, on-screen navigation is very nice, mail client works well, and the browser is just a little faster than iPad2. Using online Browsermark benchmark, I recorded a score of 88 717 for 10.1v Galaxy Tab compared to 70,310 for iPad2. If your application needs modest, 10.1v Galaxy Tab brings lijepo.Problem for Android is that there is still a lack of true "Honeycomb" applications for Android, and Android running older applications is very hit and miss affair. Some scale to full screen properly, while others take only a small portion of the screen, or reduce it all down so small it will be useless. For comparison, iPad2 not only has a rich set of local applications on offer, but also scales the vast majority of iPhone apps with just a few pixels chunkiness as a disadvantage. Honeycomb should improve over time in this regard, but now it's not quite there.


iPad2 10.1v is a solid competitor, but it's not quite there yet, and this is something that Samsung is all too svjesni.Tvrtka has already announced that the newer models of Galaxy Tab 10 will be forthcoming in a thinner frame, and possibly more storage space. It's good to see Apple competitors in this space, but for now, still I would say that the richer infrastructure program for iPad2 seems a better buy. If you are firmly against Apple for whatever reason, I think I'd still be worth saving money for more Android tablets, and more critically the original Honeycomb applications hit the market.

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