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Changing the Screen on a Unibody Macbook

There are several different types of Macbook that you may encounter. First of all, they are divided into the standard MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Then, depending on what was done, you'll find something called the unibody. This article aims to describe the main differences between all these

Any modern unibody MacBook now. This means that there is no 'cut' as such around the LCD, but the list covers the entire glass panel. This serves many purposes, including protection panel itself acts as a diffuser to help evenly distribute the image output, resulting in improved color reproduction and image appear sharper. Also, what with Apple Apple, it does not look much better than the unibody models.

You came here because you've damaged your MacBook display. Afterall, the MacBook display replacement is what we do best. So, You May be sitting there, having decided to go at it, watching the unibody MacBook and you're wondering, How does it exclude? And there lies the problem.

Unibody design does not use screws to fix the glass panel LCD screen, making it one solid piece, and it does not look great. Removing this panel requires some special tools and special skills.

You will need:

low-drive hot-air gun

nylon spatula

is at least one (preferably 2) suction cups

patience, steady hand and some skill

nylon Dental Pick

It should go without saying that using a hot air gun at such a sensitive device needs to be done with great care. Too much heat and the risk of damaging the underlying circuitry and cabling. Too little and the risk of damage to the glass, causing further costs.

The process is:

Soften the adhesive behind the glass with hot air gun.

As you do, gently lift the glass with suction cup until the glass starts to come.

Insert the nylon blade under the glass and carefully work the adhesive, and further applying gentle heat from a hot air gun.

Work your way all around until you have built a whole glass.

The second suction cup will help you raise a glass more evenly.

Store glass in a safe, dust-free place.

Disconnect the cable from the drive.

Remove the LCD screen of the hinge and gently removed, taking care to ensure that no wires touch.

to insert the following new LCD hinge screws and secure it firmly.

Now, the re-converter cable (REALLY looking, plastic dental pick will help a lot here ).

Make sure the glass dust. At this point it is recommended to change the tape.

Carefully line up to the glass body shape.

Gently slide the glass panel over the LSC.

Use a hot air gun to slightly soften the glue a good grip on the trim.

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