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Why a PC is Better Than a Mac

Lately, Apple has gained lot of popularity everywhere. Many people are talking about switching from Windows to Mac, and I have been in countless arguments over which is better. (Note: I will write an article on why Macs are better later on the computer just to be fair ).

7 Reasons PC is better than Mac:

7 Reasons PC is better than Mac:


computers are far more adaptable than Macs. It is very easy to build your own computer, select the exact parts you need to suit your needs. There are endless combinations and choice when it comes to making your computer. If you do not want to do, there are loads of people who help you to meet your needs. Retailers such as Dell and HP also offers many customization options for your computer. Macs, however, are very limited. They often do not use the latest hardware for about a year, a computer they already had. You do not see any Macs with Core i7 inside them. Whether you want to add the extras will cost you a fortune, for example by adding an additional 4GB of RAM will cost you about $ 800, but if you had a computer, like an upgrade to 4GB of DDR3 costs a maximum of $ 200, but can be had for $ 150. This makes computers much more affordable. There are so many choices out there as to the parts that you can make it look however you want. Apple offers a few variations of their computers with little opportunity to adapt to the way the price is set too high. Not to mention the premium you pay for the Apple logo.

2 Hardware and Software Compatibility

Many people claim that Macs have enough software to make them ide.─îinjenica is that if you have a computer, you have far more options. You have more choices when it comes to any software or hardware. Almost every piece of software is compatible with the Mac is compatible with your computer (except for software made ​​by Apple). PC has a lot more choices when it comes to games and any game on your computer will run better if you have a newer computer as the latest Macs are obsolete Hardware. Mac users will always have always verify that the hardware or software purchase is compatible with Mac. Yes, you can run Windows on a Mac, but what's the point. If you use Windows for everything you might as well just buy a computer. Not to mention all the Office software for the Mac is incredibly difficult to use and completely illogical. Some basic commands that can be easily found on the Windows version of Office are incredibly hard to find on the Mac. Not to mention the Mac users do not get a smooth new ribbon interface of Office 2007.

3 Whole operating system

Apple charges its customers for minor updates to your operating system (also known as service packs). Microsoft gives you free and it only costs the user a completely new operating system. This will significantly increase the cost of your Mac if you intend to update any Apple releases a new version of OS X. New features that are mentioned in these updates are quite insignificant, and no one has examined the OS. Is it really worth the price tag?

4 Windows Explorer is a powerful way

Windows Explorer offers more features than the viewfinder. Provides cut and paste to move files around easily, as well as offering a window size from all corners or edges instead of just one. Not to mention that it is much easier to quit the program in Windows is not Mac by simply pressing the X button instead of Command + Q. Apple's maximize button does not work properly.

5 Support for

There are many more PC users than Mac users. This makes it very easy for anyone with problems to find someone to help them. Many people know much about computers, but Apple community is limited, and there are far fewer places where you can get help from. Apple support also has a history of denying the problem exists, even if it is not clear. Not to mention the warranty for Dells and HPS prices much lower than Apple Applecare.


Microsoft offers the OEM version of their operating system for much cheaper than the retail package. Apple does not sell OEM. Vista Ultimate is used to retail for $ 799, but at the same time, OEM prices of around $ 280. This gives builders significantly lower costs compared to Apple computers, and when it comes back to point one, much more flexible as well.

7 Delete the shortcuts actually works

Apple is a very visual Windows OS, while more intuitive and logical. For example, if you want to delete the shortcuts on your desktop, you can simply hit the Delete key. When you want to do on a Mac, you have to drag the icon for the trash. It makes a cool effect, but it is so iritantan.Traka menu on the Mac is really irritating. When you minimize the program, the menu bar is what also becomes annoying when trying to access other things, such as Finder. This makes using a Mac a real pain to use.

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