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Mac Book Pro - The Best Laptop For College

So, you're in college come September and the need for a new laptop that will suit your budget and still allow you to achieve the academic basics such as email, word processing, and on-line library research.

Since many of you can expect the budget to be modest as to manipulate their studies and work, computer store sales staff will recommend you to purchase a laptop value, such as Acer and Dell. As a college student, who paid their own way, I suggest you go the premium route and instead buy yourself an Apple laptop:. For example, 13 "MacBook or MacBook Pro

As an experienced Mac user, I can guarantee that you'll end up with high quality, highly efficient laptop if you go with a MacBook Pro, in the long run, Apple laptop will turn out to be the most profitable decisions you could have made. Why, you might wonder, would you recommend to buy Apple laptops when, buy basic MacBook will run $ 999 and the base model laptop from Acer can run as little as $ 499? Difference in the level of quality, and was a long time (or even the newly discovered ) Mac users will testify that their Apple laptop has outlasted any laptop ever owned.

My first Apple laptop is a 12 "iBook that I bought for a grand total of $ 1,700 after taxes (and that are free 20 GB iPod and educational work that is still available through Apple until today). Although to me cost more upfront, that my laptop has lasted five years, and at the end of those five years, I sold it for $ 200.

Now, I have a brand new 13 "MacBook Pro, which cost me $ 1575 after taxes, and yet the incredible educational rebate in the form of 8 GB iPod Touch. Do the math yourself, and you'll see that my iBook has proven to be laptop for a long value only as good as the value of computers:. $ 1,700 purchase price - $ 200 resale value = $ 1500 total spent on an Apple laptop i Share $ 1500 for 60 months I owned a laptop, and you'll discover that, for $ 25 month, i owned as a quality, light and durable laptop that worked beautifully.

If I have my Macbook Pro for the same amount of time and resell it for $ 200, I just spent $ 22 a month for the same pleasure of owning a lightweight laptop with long battery life. If you bought a laptop on the value about $ 575 after taxes, you would have to own it for at least two years to match the Apple laptop in the value of self-and as I often hear from users of computers, their value is difficult to make laptops the past year.

Value laptops do not boast many advantages, except for a small start-up costs, even when they are completely spanking new: unlike their Apple counterparts, they are heavy, bulky, and horribly designed. On top of that, some of which are backed with reliable customer support, or even guarantee, both of which will have a year with my new MacBook Pro, or even three years if you buy the extended AppleCare.

All in all, the initial cost laptops like the Apple 13 "MacBook or MacBook Pro may seem terribly new student, especially if you're faced with the challenge of putting myself through school without financial support from their families. Remember that you are going to college because you are smart and worked hard to get this far. If you apply these skills to buy a laptop, a little financial planning and extra work should allow you to buy yourself an Apple laptop, one that could see through the entire length of the program.

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