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History of Macintosh

Apple Inc is a company that designs, develops and markets the Macintosh line of personal computers. Macintosh is a brand name for a line of Apple Computer Inc. In recent years, newer models of Macintosh computers are termed as Mac.

It was one of its kind because it was the first commercially successful computer with a graphical user interface (GUI) and mouse. He had no command-line interface.

time it all started:

Apple introduced the Macintosh, its Board of Directors and the entire world, 24 January, 1984, which was also its original release date. The first Macintosh computer is a small 12 "screen and 128K of RAM.

, however, this computer does not serve the real needs of people and companies in the booth of its production. Only 5000 units of Macintosh personal computers sold in seventy to four days after launch. In other words, is not it a great success for the company and people are finding it difficult to use either a floppy with it.

So, Apple released the update form an older version of Macintosh computers and is unofficially called the "Fat Mac." This version of the Macintosh computer has 512K of RAM, which is four times the actual memories of the early Macintosh computers.

First of Macintosh computers, individuals had to work all the other computer by typing the words on the keyboard. In short, they are computer-based text. Macintosh computers are the first computers that people controlled by the mouse and icons on the screen.

The founders of Apple Inc. are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Apple Inc. announced a Macintosh computer line, which cost about 1.5 million dolara.Reklama only ran one in 1983. Apple Inc. re-broadcast the same ad during the NFL Super Bowl and millions of people could see what a Macintosh computer.

in the year 1985, the Macintosh line of computers has got huge response from people, and sales increased due to the introduction of Laser Printers. With the help of printers and computers, it was possible to publish the home desktop and Aldus PageMaker. This year also marked the departure of its original founders of Apple Computer, Inc.

at the moment :

After the success of Macintosh computers, Apple has made ​​much progress in the field of computers. At this point, along with personal computers, Apple also designs, develops and sells laptops, music systems (iPod) and mobile phones under the brand Macintosh or Mac.

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