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How to Customize Macintosh Desktop Icons

tired of it looks blah default icon on the Macintosh desktop icons? More and more people are now customizing their desktop to suit their aesthetic preferences. You can use your own image or download the cute little icons or create your own, what have you.

Customize your desktop can be easy. You just have to look for an icon in the first place. Here are some steps for you:

Step 1: You can download icons from your computer. Google for the icons you want. It usually comes in a set of icons for a specialized topic. After you download it, it is ensconced in a zip file, so you have to unzip, then copy it to your desired location.

Step 2: If you want to create an image, you can use a paint program. Scanning whatever picture you want to crop and the size you want. After that, copy the image. Left-click and click copy or hit Command + C

Step 3: Open the File menu and select "Get Info." Shortcut for this is Command + I. If you see a box found at the top left of this information box, click it.

Step 4: Then, paste the icon on the box. You can use the shortcut Command-V for this process. Now you have successfully changed the picture.

It is ideal for a picture in a transparent background first so that it looks neat. Your icons should also be uniform in size, otherwise your desktop will be cluttered with icons of all kinds of shapes and sizes.

is better to use Photoshop for editing icons. If the personal image, crop it to the right size for those with excess wallpaper using the crop tool. You can set a transparent background, so it will look neater. Just click "new" and then select the transparent background for it.

make the necessary changes using various drawing tools such as brush and pen. You can also copy other images from Google and adjust the level you want.

You can also synchronize your background theme with my icons. For example, if the summer, your icons can be a summer of flowers or fruits in an attractive desktop. For those of cartoon and anime fans, you can use anime characters as ikone.Popis goes on and on. Select the desired icon you want, and then use the above steps to change the default icon.

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